As humans we are energy. Energy healing involves a practitioner who uses scientifically-based treatments methods to affect the energy field of the client.

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners reference meridians (energy super highways of the body) as the basis for acupuncture. Ancient Hindu texts reference Chakras as the seven energy transmission centers of the body. Reiki, Japanese energy healing was rediscovered in the early 20th century. Today, scientists from cell-biologists to immunologists are discovering evidence of the benefits of energy healing on the body, mind and spirit.

Energy healing is known to facilitate the release of toxins in the body, improve circulation and blood flow, lower blood pressure and calm the nervous system. We use energy healing to assist clients in reducing/removing pain and discomfort, addressing inflammation (the root of all dis-ease) and a host of other physical, emotional and spiritual conditions.

This non-invasive therapy allows you to remain fully clothed while lying on a table. Hands are placed on or near the body to identify restriction in energy flow and to facility the release of energetic blocks and barriers. Energy healing can sometimes include the use of sound therapy tools and medical intuition.

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