“I have been having amazing healing sessions with Nora and Lee. The combination of Nora’s energy healing and Lee’s sound healing, at the same time, has excelerated my healing. I highly recommend both of them.” Laurye T. – Dual Treatment Client

“I have been seeing Nora and Lee for about a year now and I highly recommend their Sound Healing treatments. I discovered them when they gave a free lecture on sound healing and it amazed me when I felt the vibration of the crystal bowls in my body. I had come after a long hard day at work yet when I left I felt refreshed and energized . That’s when I decided I would further explore this healing modality with them. Now I’ve seen them every month since for an incredible healing treatment and I’ve felt that the way they work together in synchronicity that I have been able to truly move through some deep wounds and blocks. Nora with her intuitive connection with the other realms and crystal bowls along with Lee’s great knowledge and intuition with use of the sound tuning forks work so well together to assist me in deep and meaningful growth on every level. These women are truly gifted and knowledgeable and I will gratefully continue to see them for my spiritual , emotional, mental and soulful growth.” Diane F. – Dual Treatment Client.

“On my first reading with Nora, she described my work situation, and emotions around it, flawlessly. She also brought up my spiritual support system and really talked about who I was as a person. We didn’t know one another. I was so impressed with her abilities and insight, I scheduled another reading and again, she was SPOT ON. Nora is the real deal-she gets the entwining of the levels of our personal & professional selves.” Amy G – Intuitive Reading Client

“Nora is without a doubt one of the most compassionate and caring people that I have been blessed to know. Her healing touch is truly a gift! I am ever so grateful to have been put in her path as her healing powers are a God send. I recommend that everyone share their lives with her as she has so graciously shared her life with us!” M.D. – Intuitive Healing Client

“Nora’s, the best human being you could EVER Find! And as a healer has helped orient me back to my path. As we all know it’s a life long endeavor, and to stray is only human. If you’ve got a barrier in your path, Nora knows how to help.Thanks Nora for all you do.” Ray R. Life Coaching Client

“I recently had two hypnosis sessions with Nora. I found her to be so intuitive and talented that she knew better than I what I needed to be successful. I was thoroughly pleased and enthusiastically recommend her.” Paula S. – Hypnosis Client

“Some time ago I signed up for a “A Course in Conscious Living” crafted by Nora. We met monthly and the course was designed to assist one in really delving deeply into the things we all hold onto that prevent us from moving ahead and truly really our potential as evolved and joyous beings. I found the course to be extremely helpful and if one did the homework honestly and faithfully, one could make great strides in peeling away the “onion skin” of our lives to ultimately reach that pure essence of truth that resides at the core of all. Nora is an amazing teacher, dynamic speaker and for me, her greatest gift is the willingness to share of her own experience and journey in a way that makes one feel not like a student but a fellow seeker on the path toward a more authentic existence. She never places herself above anyone but instead is willing to be very honest about her own experiences and shortcomings in an effort to level the playing field and give confidence and validation to all. I eagerly await new offerings and am sure that I will partake of anything she chooses to present. I would recommend Nora without reservation to anyone who desires to learn more about themselves and who desires to have a more fulfilling life.” Natalie J – Course Participant

“Nora used her exceptional intuitive and healing skills to get to the root cause of my ailments. Her knowledge of the human psyche is impressive. She was able to tap into source information. What she shared with me was/is life changing.” Penny S – Intuitive Healing Client

“I have had several readings with Nora. Each experience has been at a point in my life where the messages she related I so needed to hear. It has brought me such comfort and she is truly gifted. I have also experienced her healing touch which has brought me great relief and peace. She is amazing.” Doreen C – Intuitive Readings & Coaching Client

“Nora Helbich is a truly wonderful person among us, a hidden gem to our community. Nora has been a blessing in my life time and time again and I treasure her guidance. If there are questions you have in life and need guidance or healing of any type, Nora is the perfect person to speak with. She has helped me see life in a new light. There have been many times throughout the past 5 years that I have known Nora where I have needed advice, support or professional guidance. Nora has always been the first person I think to contact when I feel the need to speak with someone. She is extremely wise and has guided me in the right direction time and time again. She has given me tools to use in my day to day life as well. She has a wonderful energy about her which you feel the moment you are in her presence. She is compassionate, intelligent, a great listener and full of wisdom. No matter what the issue is, she has great insight and incredible advice. Nora is completely clear with her words and has a special way of helping you understand. I believe there are special people in this life who are here to help guide us along. Nora is one of these people. She is such an inspiration, gives a sense of hope and helps you find your inner strength. She often gives wonderful analogies making the situation clearer. I highly recommend Nora with confidence to anyone who needs help with any type of issue. I promise you will leave with a renewed sense of strength, security and clarity. I am so thankful for Nora Helbich and have passed on her wisdom to friends and family of my own. You won’t be disappointed.” Hope G – Intuitive Coaching Client

“I recommend Nora on all levels-healing, intuitive, comedian, giver, energy worker and someone who can lead and inspire!” R.M. – Energy Healing Client

“After a clumsy attempt at steam ironing, I made the mistake of steaming my inner forearm which quickly landed me in my doctors office. I decided against pain killers after receiving standard treatment for a nasty second degree burn. I chose to seek alternative care to treat the pain and asked Nora if she could assist me. To my own delight and near disbelief, the pain was completely eliminated after only one hands on treatment. I was a bit speechless at first because I did not expect such immediate relief. I would without any hesitation recommend Nora Helbich to my family and friends or anyone in need of her services.” R.M. – Energy Healing Client

“Speaking at Nora’s event was a transformative experience. First, I met Nora. Then there were all the other little Angelic incidents that tend to happen during her events. ..not to mention the little, and not so little touches she adds to her workshops to make them truly memorable for years afterwards. For someone who gives and goes to events, the one I wouldn’t want to miss would be Nora’s. Run don’t walk and get yourself a ticket.” Mona Lisa Schulz MD, PhD Physician, Scientist, and Author of The Intuitive Advisor, Awakening Intuition and Co-Author with Louise Hay of All is Well: Heal Your Body with Medicine, Intuition and Affirmations

“Ever since I was a child, I have had a fear of water. I recently went on vacation to Plymouth Mass. Although I had my fear of water, I always loved the ocean and wanted to get in it. I also had fear of any creatures I may encounter. A friend told me about New Day, where I was hypnotized, this took me back to the original fear. I finally dealt with it and learned new techniques for future anxiety. I decided to try out these techniques and I started by kyaking across the bay, a little anxious, then it became really fun, a big accomplishment for me. Then I actually swam in ocean water!! Best Vacation Ever! I have also used these techniques in other situations of anxiety.” K.G.

“Nora is a intelligent, gentle individual who has much empathy for others and who is committed to improving the human condition. We’re lucky to have her in our world.” S.P.

Nora creates beautiful events that delight the public, honor the speaker, and provide excellent information for personal and professional growth.” Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. Author, Speaker, Teacher

“For years, I have struggled with chronic gynecological issues that significantly affect my activities and work. To date, my doctor has no remedy for me. More than once, I went to Nora because I was in so much pain that I was headed for the emergency room. Nora did a hands-on healing and to my amazement and disbelief, my pain was gone in a few minutes. I have also received remote healings from Nora for the same ailment, and continue to be amazed that the pain gone in minutes. I am thankful for all she has done.” D. R.

“Nora is a friend and someone who has helped us out, we are a stronger family because of her involvement.” S.M.

“Thanks for a wonderful experience!. I highly recommend Nora. B.B.
Nora’s, the best human being you could EVER Find! And as a healer has helped orient me back to my path. As we all know it’s a life long endeavor, and to stray is only human. If you’ve got a barrier in your path, Nora knows how to help.Thanks Nora for all you do.” R R.

“Highly recommend!” C.H.

“You’re AMAZING!” K.L.

“I suffer from anxiety, phobias and panic attacks. Nora has used hypnosis, guided imagery, hands-on healing and remote healing to help me with these issues. Nora is patient, kind, understanding, and has such a hypnotic voice that you can’t help but relax. Thanks to Nora, I have been able to calm myself at other times due to her techniques for breathing and relaxation. I can’t say enough about Nora’s wonderful gift. It calms me just knowing that when I am having an issue, I can call on Nora and not only is she readily available no matter how busy she is, but that she can heal or calm me in minutes. Without her, I would be back on medications for many ailments.” D.W.

“Nora is an absolute pleasure to work with and her New Day Living the Dream event was wonderful to be part of. Nora’s energy and openness made me feel comfortable and valued as a speaker, and her story and healing skills really came through as she spoke from the stage. The event was extremely well organized and I connected with lots of inspiring people there. I would definitely be part of one of Nora’s events in the future – it was a great experience!” Dina Proctor, Author Madly Chasing Peace.

“I have worked with Nora Helbich on various projects and events. Nora has a remarkable skill set and an equally remarkable ability to dissect complex logistical plans and campaigns. Nora is committed to perfection in all that she does professionally. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with her on so many projects. Her attention to detail, willingness to support a team and technical background have made her an asset. I would recommend her without reservation.” Diana Scolponeti, In the Event

“The opportunity to present at the New Day Conference has been a wonderful experience. Leading up to the event day, Nora was excellent in communicating all needed information in an extremely timely manner. There were no questions left unanswered, including everything from time slot/time allotment, location/parking, payment, as well as a good understanding of what the theme of the day was going to be. Accommodations provided were excellent, and I was made to feel welcomed and comfortable throughout the entire day/process. The participants were attentive and gracious! I found myself in more than a few interesting discussions throughout the day, as well as having the opportunity to give out business cards and market some product at the sales table which was a great chance to be seen by potential clients. It was a great marketing day! Nora went above and beyond to make it a special day for everyone involved, be it set-up crew, speakers, or participants, and this really came through in the energy of the room. Just an awesome day all around! Thank you Nora for giving all the various people involved an opportunity to express themselves in a safe and caring environment, the chance to learn something new, either as a participant or speaker, and a chance for all to grow by the experience!” Steven Coburn

“Congratulations! This was the most informative, most professional conference! It impressive to see how well organized and lunch was delicious. Thank you Nora! I look forward to your next conference.” G.D.

“Please, please please have another seminar like this. I feel like I have grown so much and the path has been opened for continued growth. ” A.P.

“I listened with rapt attention! Very very good & inspiring. Great experience.” V.L.

“Fantastic! Absolutely the best!” M.L.

“Nora Helbich is an amazing event coordinator, for holistic health,/self-help,/ spiritual conferences. She is also a conscious and sensitive healing practitioner. I had the pleasure of participating as a speaker in her New Day Conference 2012, and I was so impressed by her skills and savvy in arranging this successful full scale holistic health conference. Everyone who attended was “blown away” by the energy, professionalism, flow and education which the NEW DAY Conference 2012 delivered to its participants and speakers. Nora Helbich is generous with her time and energy, she is talented in so many practical and esoteric ways that are essential for running these kind of events. Her experience in business and healing work came together in an effective and productive way to make the conference a big success! I also participated in leading several workshops that she hosted at the “New Day” office which were enjoyable and healing for all who attended. I feel honored to work with her. She is the kind of dynamic, talented, business-minded, and healing consciousness type of leader we need in the Boston area holistic health movement.” Jill Jardine, M.A. Counseling/Psychology, Professional Astrologer, Spiritual teacher”